Katie’s Corner January 2010

Welcome to Januarys Katie’s Corner, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and not struggled too much in the snow we have had for the past month!  This month I have a few hints and tips that I learnt from my experience and others whilst receiving chemotherapy.

Did you know?

It is recommended that you avoid any eggs that are not cooked properly e.g. home-made
mayonnaise, meringue, mousse, cheesecake and egg fried rice.

Avoid cheap takeaway’s, be more careful eating out, ensure all food’s have not past their use by date and avoid foods if there are doubts concerning their storage, generally it is advisable to avoid foods which may cause food poisoning.

Avoid bottled water (because you don’t know how long it has been sitting in the bottle, harvesting germs) and ice.

It is best to avoid fresh raw fruit, dried fruit and fresh raw salad e.g. tomatoes, lettuce,
cucumber, coleslaw and potato salad.

Avoid soft and ripened cheese e.g.  cottage cheese, cream cheese, Brie, Camembert, blue cheeses, e.g.  Stilton, Danish Blue.  Large tubs/jars of cheese spread, live yoghurt, fromage frais and artificial cream/topping.

It is also best to avoid shellfish, e.g. prawns, shrimps, crab, raw fish, e.g. sushi and raw or partly cooked meat/poultry/cold meats, e.g. chicken, pork, salami, (sold loose) pate and pork pies.

That some toiletries and beauty products contain chemicals which may be harmful to your body.

Remember to;

Maintain good hygiene practice (also applicable to others around you.)

Avoid crowded places and people with known viruses/bugs as your immune system will be very low.

Treat yourself and enjoy the days you feel well.

Live well, laugh often, love much.

See you next month at Katie’s Corner!

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