Mental Health


A new enhanced support package now available; supporting clients with their Mental Health and complex needs, enabling them to sustain a tenancy longer.  This support programme focuses on:

  • Supporting clients to cope with housing based issues while improving all other areas in their life, including trust, relationships, health, social life, confidence and fulfilment.
  • Rehabilitating clients into a safe and comfortable home
  • Maintaining and attending appointments with clients, including consultations and assessments
  • Clients accessing the relevant services for their mental health needs including referrals to Counsellors, Specialist Mental Health workers and Psychiatrists addressing Depression, Anxiety and Compulsive Disorders as well as Self Harm and challenging behaviours
  • Improving clients’ understanding of their treatment or therapy options, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Anger Management and specialist services for eating disorders
  • Monitoring clients’ medication, symptoms and changes in their mood and behaviour 

Each client’s mental health needs are assessed on an ongoing basis and their support package is adjusted to meet their changing needs. This support programme is usually a slow process but achieves lasting, quality results and long term stability.


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