Fundraising idea: New Year, New You

New Year, New You

Whilst we are on the subject of the new year, why not put your own resolutions to good use and get sponsored to stick to them.  The chances are that if your receiving sponsorship money from friends and family you are more likely to succeed in your new year challenge and of course do something amazing for charity.

Give It Up!
Now is a great time to give up that habit you’ve wanted to kick for a while. Be it smoking, drinking or sugary foods, ask friends and family to sponsor you to give it up and you’ll have a great incentive to keep going.

2010 – the year to get fit

Stick to your new year’s resolution to get fit and healthy by setting yourself a challenge. Why not join that gym or enter yourself in a sponsored walk, run or cycle ride? Or be adventurous and do a skydive to raise money for Young Heroes.


Unwanted Gift Sale

Don’t let all those unwanted Christmas presents go to waste: collect them all up and put together an unwanted gift sale in aid of Young Heroes. If everybody in your office does the same it’s bound to be a success with brand new items on sale.

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