Apply for Accommodation

Apply for Accommodation

Applicants must Be over 18 years old to apply.

House Rules for Supported Tenants

The following rules are compulsory for all tenants. You must comply with them so as not to jeopardise your tenancy with Impact:

Selection and Acceptance Requirements

  • The applicant must be over 16 years old.
  • The applicant must present with a housing need and have identifiable support needs.
  • The applicant must show a commitment to:
  1. Comply with the tenancy agreement / fully access the support services in conjunction with Impact’s policies and procedures.
  2. Comply with Impact’s House Rules.
  • Applicants with previous rent arrears with any housing provider, or who have large debts, will have to evidence an ongoing repayment of these arrears.

Any information given on this application form will be treated with the strictest confidence and will only be used as the basis of an interview.


Any applicant who has been declined accommodation within Impact and feels that this decision is unfair should use the Appeal Form, supplied with the interview outcome decision letter, to initiate an appeal. This will be forwarded to the Quality Assurance Manager as lead contact.

The applicant has the right to ask one other person to attend the appeal meeting if he/she feels it is necessary. The appeal meeting will fully review the applicant’s original application, with special attention being paid to the reason for appeal. Any new information from relevant sources will be taken into consideration. The appeal panel’s decision is final and will be given in writing within 7 days of the conclusion to the appeal.


You can also Apply by calling this number 01274 68 11 40

You can request a printed form by using our contact us page or calling on 01274 68 11 40

E-mail or post your application to Impact Living to the address given on the contact us page.

Once you have completed the application

You will receive a response within 7 days to inform you if you are eligible for an interview.

An appointment will then be arranged for an interview.

After the interview, if you are successful you will be informed that you have been added to our waiting list.

When a property becomes available you will need to arrange a day to sign up.

On your move in day you will then be given an induction explaining about Living at Impact.

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