Extra Care and Support


A modified support package for clients coping with complex and challenging life issues, traumatic experiences and rehabilitation after long term stays within hospital, the army or who have been in care, this programme involves: 

  • Support with Police involvement, victim support, courts and immigration, divorce, separation, child contact arrangements, help and advice with accessing services for legal advice - ie solicitors,  rehabilitation for veterans of the armed forces and servicemen or women and those being discharged from hospital.
  • One to one support for clients accessing the right health and advocacy services, guidance to enable them to understand their options for treatments and therapies for disabilities, learning difficulties, special needs or chronic illness
  • Support and guidance for clients to be fully aware of their rights and providing accurate information to enable them to make their own choices

When the client feels safe, stable and able to cope with a challenging or traumatic experience, their circumstances are reviewed and support package modified to then address their housing needs and improve their confidence, trust, relationships and personal fulfilment.

This support is provided by Impact Living (charity number 1122871)


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