Impact specialises in transforming formerly run down 'problem' properties into fantastic homes for vulnerable adults. These properties where often a blight on the local community that surrounds them. They are generally used by people involved in petty crime and drugs etc.

Impact now has a twenty year track record of transforming problem properties into fantastic homes for Vulnerable people.

Purbeck Court is an Ideal example of this type of scheme.

Take a look at the pictures  to see the transformation.

purbeck outside before.jpgpurbeck outsidepurbeck front room before2purbeck front room after

Purbeck Court Regeneration Scheme

In 2007 Impact was asked by ‘Places for People’ (North British Housing) to take over two blocks of flats (named Purbeck Court), 18 apartments in total. These particular blocks had been difficult to manage for numerous reasons and have been uninhabited and vandalised for the past 2 years. They were formerly a hazard and an eyesore to the local community and were earmarked for demolition.

The  renovation and refurbishment of these buildings was completed in 2007 and they now provide safe and secure modern apartment living for up to 30 people. Incorporating new central heating, outside lighting, new carpets/flooring, CCTV and Safety Support for all new tenants and the wider community.

Impact living is continually looking for new properties in more locations around the country to apply our already successful model.

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