Support Programmes

Our support programmes deal with homelessness, health and poverty


People are often forced in to homelessness or to live somewhere which causes similar risk. Often it is through no fault of their own and due to issues such as family breakdown, financial issues, overcrowding or most notably facing the responsibilities of independent living before they are ready.

Homelessness is often hidden as many people sofa surf or squat.

These circumstances often lead to a downward spiral of further deprivation. Impact delivers a complete support package within safe and secure housing to tackle the complex needs and transform the lives of the people we support.


Impact delivers tailored support to address issues such as mental health, learning disabilities, terminal illness, emotional well-being, addiction, personal hygiene, sexual health and diet.

Impact works closely with experienced health and medical professionals to complement our essential work.


The issue of people living in poverty continues to rise. Impact work with people who face severe disadvantages, often unable to personally change their damaging circumstances as they are in a vicious cycle of exclusion.

Impact work with them to tackle their issues, by supporting them to positively change their life for the better.

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