Fund-raising Idea: Wine Tasting Evenings

Uncork the festive spirit this Christmas by hosting a wine tasting fundraiser.  They are really simple to organise and with the help of your guests, friends and family and even local wine suppliers or wholesalers, it can be done cheaply.

Gather Up the Goods

If you are planning your event well in advance you could enlist the help of local wine suppliers (even the wholesalers direct) and tell them about your fundraising event.  They may be able to offer you discounted products or even help you out on the night with their expertise of fine wines.  You have the option to focus on one specific group of wines, or all of them!

  • If you want to try white wines only, buy Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Grigio.
  • For red wines, you’ll need Merlot, Cabernet and Pinot Noir.
  • If you really want to experiment, offer Ports and Sherries.

Accompanying Food

The best food for a wine tasting event is also the simplest! Cheese and crackers.

These easy snacks clean the palate between sips of wines, so you can truly taste each distinct flavor. You can also add some grapes to the mix. When trying Ports, provide chocolate – this sounds like a sickeningly sweet combo, but it’s delicious.

Cups, Cups and More Cups

To keep wines from tainting each other, each new wine should start with a new cup. You can purchase a bulk package of small plastic cups, or keep many wine glasses handy! Technically, you’re supposed to spit out each taste of wine…but this is a party afterall!

You Taste What?

When tasting, ask each person to identify the flavors of each wine – could be a fruit or spice. Ask them to try and identify the country where the wine is from.

The Fun – draisier part

Invite each of your guests to donate a bottle of wine. Club them together and go with a “winner takes all” approach where all bottles donated go to one big auction.

You know your guests. Are there deep pockets on your guest list? Or, true connoisseurs who will shell out for a wine collection and feel great about making a donation to a good cause as well?

Let the bids begin.

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