We have learned that every individual and every addiction or condition or situation is unique, therefore, to begin with, all individuals require a personalised plan based on a full health and situation assessment.

Once in place, a person’s plan must be reviewed regularly, as in some cases, it is not always clear that there is more than one condition and that there may be underlying conditions.

While some people with a dual diagnosis seek support because they’d like to rid their addictions, many others do not wish to manage their substance use.

Many people may want to gain control over their mental health concerns, but they may not realise that substance use can play a role in their mental health too. In most cases, substance use begins or continues in an effort to self-medicate, or to simply feel better.

Alternatively, some people may want to manage their addictions, not realising their mental health also needs to be addressed.

Assessments enable us to provide the most appropriate support programmes tailored to each individual client