Health and Wellbeing

Running at the fitness club

Personalised support in improving clients’ physical health, increasing their positive well-being and addressing their general health needs. This support package focuses on:

  • Providing advice and guidance to clients about their health based options, enabling them to make personal choices about their wellbeing
  • Accessing the appropriate health services for clients’ specific needs
  • Increasing clients’ cooking skills, monitoring healthy eating and providing advice on meal planning
  • Encouraging clients on a one to one basis to register with local health services, including the GP, Dentist, Optician, clinics, as well as attending appointments, sexual health screening, smoking cessation sessions, drug and alcohol support.
  • Improving clients’ positive well-being through maintaining healthy relationships with their partner, friends and family

The client’s health and well-being support plan is reviewed and adjusted regularly until they are able to manage their own health needs independently.


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