Employment and Training


A customised support package to improve clients’ life chances and secure them with a better future while living independently, this support programme focuses on:


  • Clients reaching their goals and full potential through matching the client’s qualities, aspirations and interests while improving the skills needed to access various opportunities
  • One to one support in improving clients’ IT and admin skills, quality CV building, advice and interview techniques, understanding contracts and job searching
  • Assisting clients to overcome financial barriers, accessing grants for their course or training equipment and uniform
  • Encouraging clients to access training providers, colleges, sixth forms, lifelong learning, apprenticeships, volunteer work, open university and driving schools
  • Support in understanding qualifications needed and options available to progress in their chosen career path


The employment and training support package is reviewed regularly as client’s circumstances and decisions change throughout their tenancy, Clients are provided with the tools to improve the way they deal with changes or setbacks and shown the different steps to take to progress to the next level in their vocation.

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