Fund-raising Ideas: Sponsored Sporting Activities

There are tremendous opportunities to combine fundraising for Young Heroes with a hobby or interest you love.

Whether you play a competitive sport or simply love watching your favourite team on the telly, these sport related fundraising ideas are perfect motivators to get all sport-loving people involved in fundraising activities:

Sponsored run – Compete in one of the country’s big marathons, half-marathons or 10Ks, or you can organise your own sponsored run. Ask donors to give a bonus donation when you run a certain distance, or if you complete the run within a certain length of time.

Sponsored swim – Swimming the English Channel is the most famous sponsored swimming feat, but you can also swim laps in your community pool or take a dip in a famous river or lake.

Sponsored bike ride – Cyclists have a variety of road and off-road courses at their disposal, taking them the length and breadth of the country. Choose a course suited to your ability and start pedaling!

Whatever sponsored activity you decide to undertake, make sure to practice and train well before the big event. Depending on your current fitness level and the activities you plan to do, this may take several months.

Set a clear goal, such as competing in the London Marathon, and begin preparing far in advance. The more you do in preparation for your big day, the more successful you’ll be.

Good luck fundraisers!

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