Fund-raising Idea: Halloween Party

Halloween is a BOOtefull excuse for throwing a party! And what’s more, a fun and ghoulish way to raise money for Young Heroes.

Of course, it goes without saying that a Halloween party is a fancy dress party.

Anything less just wouldn’t be Halloween.

Below are some top tips for making your party go with a bang.

Fundraising at your party

The best way to fundraise at your Halloween party will be to charge a set entrance fee to all guests, charging double for those who have not chosen to dress fancy dress.  Alternatively you may wish to ask people for donations on their way in.

Decorating Tips

With a little imagination you can create the perfect haunted house setting, why not try?

  • Decorate the main party room with artificial spider webs
  • Place artificial rats in corners of the room and hang plastic bats from light fittings.
  • Purchase a Halloween sound effects CD (available at most supermarkets) for an eerie entrance.
  • Carve your pumpkins about 3 days before your party
  • Candles, candles, candles (think about placemant of these for safety reasons)
  • Decorate your windows with Halloween themed stickers (available at most supermarkets)
  • Change some of your lightbulbs to coloured ones to give an eerie dark effect.
  • Buy both black and orange balloons to hang both inside and outside your house.
  • Buy artificial tomb stones for your garden and be sure to shine a light or torch on them.

Food Tips

Instead of laying out a large buffet or serving a full meal, plan to have a large variety of Halloween party snacks on hand for your guests. At parties where you want guests to mingle, dance, or play games, eating heavy meals can get to be troublesome. Save time and money by creating simple snacks for guests to nosh on throughout the evening for example, dips with raw vegetables and tortillas, pizza slices, sandwiches, crisps, pasta salad, garlic bread and Indian starters.

For an extra twist of ghoulish fun why not rename traditional party snacks, for example twiglets could be skeleton bones, peanuts could be roasted bat eyes etc.  This is especially fun for any children present at the party.

Entertainment Ideas

Scary soundtracks will only get you so far, so make sure that you have a good mix of party and dance music available.  Why not throw in some Monster Mash, Pumpkin Head Harvey, Somethin’ in the Swamp, Ghostbusters, and, of course, Thriller.

Have a costume judging event with plenty of prizes. Winning categories can include: Best Costume, Worst Costume, funniest costume and Scariest costume.

If younger children are present why not do some games like apple bobbing or pass the pumpkin. You can find loads of great ideas online.

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