Fund-raising Idea: Coffee Mornings

Coffee mornings are a great British tradition. Large or small, they are the perfect activity for conversing, mingling and raising money for Young Heroes.

Coffee mornings are so easy to organise and you can hold one almost anywhere, for example, your town hall, church, place of work, your home or garden or local social club.

A decent amount of money can be raised through sales of drinks alone however why not take advantage of additional fundraising opportunities, such as selling cakes and biscuits or holding a raffle or competition.
Once your event is in full swing, you’re well on your way to fundraising success.  All that’s left to do is mingle, keep the coffee flowing and remind people about your fundraising cause, Young Heroes!

Someone who is no stranger to holding coffee mornings is Young Heroes’ own Health Support Co-ordinator, Bev Law.

Bev has organised around twenty five coffee mornings for various worthy causes and the last two where in aid of Young Heroes.

She says “Coffee mornings are such a great way of promoting the charity whilst in a relaxed atmosphere amongst friends and neighbours”.

“Its a great opportunity to have a natter with friends, have a coffee and cake with the knowledge that your doing your bit to help young people with cancer.  It really is an all round social event and a great way to raise money”

Bev used to raise around £250 per event through sales of teas, coffees, cakes and biscuits and charging entry fees.  To maximise funds, she also began running cake stalls, bring and buys and raffles at the coffee mornings.

If you would like further information about holding a coffee morning in aid of Young Heroes please contact Kim Tetlaw or Sharon Brown on 01142 43 18 50.

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