Fund-raising Idea: A Quiz

A quiz is a fantastic way to help raise funds for Young Heroes and of course have a lot of fun!
Organising such an event is not as daunting as you may think.   Simply follow the steps below and your half way there!

Find a venue

Firstly, you need to think about a venue. This could be your local community centre, church hall or probably the most popular place, a pub!
When you find a suitable venue, speak to the landlord / owner and ask them if they would agree to you holding the event on their premises.

Suggest a night of the week when they are not too busy – this is an incentive for the landlord as it means they will receive more business than they normally would.
As you will be bringing lots of extra custom to the pub, suggest that perhaps they could provide a simple buffet or snacks free of charge (you’d be surprised at just how many pubs will do this).

Find out how many people the space/room will hold – this is a matter of comfort as well as health and safety regulations. Then print tickets for the maximum number of people.
This doesn’t have to be expensive and can be done on a normal computer with a little thought and creativity.
Then decide whom you want to sell the tickets to: friends, family, colleagues, etc. You could display posters in the venue and leave a number of tickets there to be sold.

Organising the quiz
You will now need to think about the quiz itself, this should be four or five rounds covering a range of subjects for example music, geography, general knowledge, film & television, sport and history.

If you’re really stuck for questions, you can ‘borrow’ questions from internet sites.

You will also need a ‘quiz master’. This should be someone who is outgoing, well spoken and will be able to keep order.

Running the quiz
After each round, the answer sheets should be swapped between teams for marking. The quiz master keeps a record of the scores for each round.
You will need prizes for the winners. So that everyone has a chance of winning, you should have prizes for each round and a prize for the team that is the overall winner. You could also have a booby prize for the team that comes last!
Contact your local shops and supermarkets to see if they can donate prizes or vouchers for their store so you can go and buy prizes yourself.

As an additional fundraiser on the evening, you can hold a raffle or a darts / pool competition.

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