Fund-raising Idea : Cake Selling

Everyone loves fresh homemade baked goods so why not gather a team, bake to your hearts content and sell them in support of Young Heroes.

Recruit a few members of your friends, family, church or company to donate some of their time to preparing their favourite cakes, cookies and pies. Delicious treats at moderate prices can ensure a very successful sale!


If you’re doing a small, one-off cake sale, you might be prepared to cover the cost yourself. If you’re planning to have a bigger sale you might want to consider another option, such as asking a local business for sponsorship or donation of ingredients. Supermarkets are often happy to do this, but you will need to approach the manager in writing, well in advance of your event.

If you’re fundraising at work, you could always ask your employer to cover the cost of your ingredients.

You could also ask friends and family if they’d be prepared to help launch your fundraising efforts by donating one of more of the ingredients needed.


What kind of cakes will you be selling? Are you thinking of buns, sponge cakes or lovingly hand-crafting three-tiered wonders made to order for special occasions?

Have some fun thinking creatively about this:

Could you make cakes iced in the colours of Young Heroes?

How about baking a batch of plain fairy cakes and hosting a “decorate your own cake” stand for smaller children?

A summer fete could call for scones with jam and cream, while mince pies and Christmas pudding are more appropriate to a Christmas Fair.

Remember, this isn’t just cake you’re selling – it’s “cake-in-aid-of!” Letting people know that your cakes are being sold to support a cause doesn’t just raise awareness – it also gives people a legitimate excuse to buy more cake!

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