Fundraising Ideas: Dress Down Days

Dress down days like all good fundraisers are easy and simple to organise and fun to participate in. The point of a dress down day is to have a change in the dress code for a day, or alternatively you can dress up depending on the where the activity is taking place.

Dress down days are great activities for work places or schools. Ask for a set donation or minimum donation for the opportunity to take advantage of the dress down or theme day and you’ll find it’s an easy way to raise money for Young Heroes without doing much work or putting people on the spot to donate.

If your fundraising efforts are connected to a school, business, or organisation that meets regularly, make this fundraiser an ongoing event and the money will keep piling up. *Always be careful in which theme you decide to adopt for the day. The theme should always be in accord with business and location where the activity will take place. The mode of dress should never interfere with work output nor upset or clash with the image of the hosting organisation or employers.

Dress themes for consideration

  • Dress Down- relaxed dress code (no uniform day)
  • Jeans Day- everyone wears jeans
  • Dress Up- all dress better than normal
  • Superhero Day – everyone dresses as their favourite Super Hero.
  • Colour Day- everyone wears the same colour
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