Sowing Seeds for Mental Health

10th May marked the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, this year’s theme being Nature!

To get involved, Impact has set up a simple project which is inclusive to all… ‘Sowing Seeds for Mental Health!’ inspired by the event ‘Digital Drop-Out’ organised by Stockwell Street Library.

The project is to enable young people and adults with complex needs who live within Impact to get involved…including those with anxieties of going outdoors or venturing too far from their comfort zone, by encouraging them to grow plants and herbs from their own homes!

The project also promotes positive mental health as taking care of indoor plants is also a good stress reliever.

“Studies have shown that keeping indoor plants can help promote feelings of wellbeing, which is especially important while we’re all stuck at home a lot more than we’re used to!

Plants can lower anxiety, reduce stress levels, boost mood, and increase productivity. Some houseplants have the added benefit of being very low maintenance, so you can benefit from them without having to put in a lot of work.

Looking after a plant can also be a good reminder to look after yourself – stay hydrated, get fresh air and sunlight, give yourself the right conditions to thrive – and don’t forget that plants show you that you can recover after you wilt!” University of Greenwich, ‘Sowing Seeds for Mental Health’ 4th March 2021

The campaign was promoted through Facebook and donations of pots, seeds, soil and cash to buy more supplies came flooding in!

From the donations, we have been able to create personalised indoor gardening kits suitable for beginners, including tenants’ preferred seeds from a selection of those they wish to grow; for example, squash, peppers, herbs, cactus’, spinach, cress, courgettes and chillies.

Each tenant was provided with their individual kit and a journal to help them to track their gardening progress!


A mum and son within our Holmewood Scheme spending some quality time together

Support staff and tenants wish to say a huge Thank You to Rachael Jackson (RJ Fitness), Sam Clark, Gareth John Wood and Ellie Emmett for your generous donations towards the project!

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