Kat’s journey…

June was a significant month for Kat, who celebrates a year of progress in her new home; living independently within a supportive environment within the Crofton Court scheme.

Impact Living was recommended to Kat by the Community Mental Health Team during the Covid-19 outbreak in June 2020, as Kat felt ready to move somewhere that would provide her with her own space, was safe and would enable her to progress with the reassurance that she had support from staff when needed.

Kat is diagnosed with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, (EUPD), also known as borderline personality disorder:

“People have different views on EUPD/BPD…But however you understand your experiences, and whatever terms you prefer to use (if any), the important thing to remember is that the feelings and behaviours associated with EUPD/BPD are very difficult to live with, and deserve understanding and support” **Mind, ‘Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)’ January 2018,


Once a referral was made, Impact assessed Kat’s accommodation and support needs and a package proposed, taking into consideration her mental wellbeing. Kat and the CMHT were pleased with the extra care package and so we provided Kat with a move-in date and induction.

Kat’s support programme includes daily wellbeing checks, an activity of Kat’s choice, positive relationship building, shopping and property checks.

The Impact extra care team work jointly with the CMHT, Kat’s Care Coordinator and Consultant Psychiatrist to ensure Kat’s support needs are being met. Alongside her support programme, Kat is prescribed with medication including Olanzapine and Promethazine and her wellbeing checks incorporate any support she may also require with her medication, including any reviews.

We asked Kat about her experience of moving into a new home provided by Impact Living, the support she receives and her hopes for the future;

“I adapted easily into supported accommodation as I had experienced something similar previously however now I have my own space and the support programme is more suited to my needs. My flat is very cosy and I have been allowed to give it my own personal touch.

I’m doing well within Impact as I am volunteering on-site, cleaning, which I enjoy as it keeps me occupied and provides me with some routine, with a little flexibility on the days I am not feeling 100% to take some respite.

I am a lot more open and talkative with the support workers and I am more confident about talking about my mental health now.

I hope to move into independent living in the future and also to be able to work in a full-time job and I am hopeful that with Impact’s support I will be able to prepare for this.   

 All of the staff are really good and supportive, they have a good understanding of my mental health so I would definitely recommend it to others who were in a similar situation to myself.”

 The extra care team are extremely pleased with how well Kat has progressed in her volunteering and within her home. She has adapted really well and is coping well with her mental wellbeing.

**(For information and advice about EUPD/BPD, including when it is diagnosed and what it is like to live with EUPD/BPD, please visit the ‘Mind’ website in the link above).

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