Fundraising Idea: Lose those locks

Lose those locks

Charity head shaves have long been a popular way of raising money for charities.  They are easy to organise and guaranteed to attract publicity, sponsors and support.

If organised well, a sponsored head shave can bring those pounds rolling in.

You’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to donate money to see you without hair!

A group of friends “getting the chop” together is very common, often as a way of supporting friends with cancer (as did the friends of Alex Albiston last year).

Whoever decides to step into the barber’s chair should get themselves out and about as much as possible in advance, galvanizing support and advertising the big event through the press and local TV and Radio.  You are making a big commitment for something you believe in – let everyone know.

If you make the head shave public, you’ll get an even better response. Better yet, let the biggest donors help with the head shaving!

You can also use head shaving as a reward in itself, for example, if your school reaches it’s fundraising goal, the head teacher has to get their head shaved or if you reach your work fundraiser’s goal, it’s the CEO that has to get their head shaved.

You can make extra money too after the head shave by posting the video on the web – YouTube, Facebook, My Space etc with simple donation instructions.

Good luck.

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