Impact Living Spring 2023 Newsletter.

Welcome to the Spring edition of the Impact Living 2023 Newsletter.

Spring has finally arrived.  As the earth warms up it brings the rebirth of beautiful plants and leaves on trees.  Sunnier skies, warmer weather, and lighter nights bring bird song and the chatter of children venturing out to play.  It is truly the start of a beautiful new season.

It is also a time for positivity and contemplation, a time to decide on new ventures with anticipation and enthusiasm.  A time to brush off those cobwebs and start anew.  A time to look on the year ahead and what is in store both personally and professionally.  A time of excitement and wonderment.

Moving into a new bright exciting season, each of our schemes will begin new projects and achieve new goals to improve the lives of those we support on a day-to-day basis.  We hope that with your continual and indebted support, our staff will remain to work dilligently to ensure Impact Living provides the devoted service we strive to deliver.

We have some good news stories to put a ‘spring’ in your step!

Easter Eggs-travaganza!
Nicola Doran and the Sheffield Team would like to thank everyone who donated money, easter eggs and joined in the raffle.
Our clients had a Happy Easter this year thanks to you all.

Donna Binyon has raised £150 towards the Easter Eggs appeal for Impact Tenants throughout Bradford which has been extended to Malton.
Thank you to everyone for their generosity.

Some of the money raised was also used toward chocolate cornflake and mini egg kits for tenants in the Crofton Court Scheme to make their own Easter treats.

Suleman, Debbie and Courtney particularly enjoyed participating in this activity. It was lovely to see some of the more experienced cake makers stepping out of their comfort zones to share their skills with their neighbours as well as new tenant Suleman forming new potential friendships.

The Crofton Court tenants wish to say a huge thank you to all those who donated!

It has been wonderful to see new tenants within the Crofton Court scheme build a sense of community, joining in activities such as card games, scrabble as well as finding local community groups with the support team, including sit down aerobics and St Barnabus Church, Shipley Swimming Pool and joint working with Shipley College to find suitable course opportunities for those with complex needs.

Art and Craft Sessions

Jeff has been a tenant at Crofton Court since January this year.  He is interested in aircraft models and has been supported by Jack to make one and then Jeff has painted and added transfer decals to it. He is really enjoying living with impact and is really engaging with the community.

Impact Living’s support teams recognise that arts & craft sessions play a valuable role in well-being support for clients. Art & craft sessions can help to boost confidence and help clients to feel more engaged and resilient. **Research has shown that besides these benefits, art engagement also alleviates anxiety, depression, and stress.

** quote from mental health foundation

Brad Watmfuff said “Thank you to Impact for the art materials.  I really enjoy painting and also love how the clay feels, it helps to exercise my hands as I have cerebral palsy, this is very therapeutic and makes a change from wearing my hand splint… it also reminds me of the art work I used to do at school”.

Ten Years of Inspiration for Life

Impact Living would like to thank Catherine Abena Annabel and the team at Inspiration for Life for their support & generosity toward Impact Living over the last 10 years. Their donations have helped Impact Living to provide much needed respite breaks & support for young people who have been living with a cancer diagnosis over the last 10 years and for this we are truly grateful. Thank you!

So, what is to happen now?  Over the next few weeks Inspiration for Life will draw in some final donations from supporters, and then allocate all of the donated funds to partner charities.

Their website will remain open and will include details of how donations can be made to partner charities (including Impact Living).  It also will stand as a reminder of everything that they have accomplished over the ten years alongside all the support received and as part of the legacy of a very remarkable man Tim Richardson.  Tim changed paths of generations of students and whose friendship touched the lives of many people.

Impact Living would like to thank everyone for their dedication and continued support.

I wandered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o’er vales and hills,

When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host, of golden daffodils;

-William Wordsworth

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