Impact Living Case Study : Natalie

Natalie was pregnant when she moved into an Impact family flat in 2008.

Her family relationship had broken down due to the pregnancy and she was having some incidents of domestic abuse from her boyfriend so needed somewhere safe she could live.

Natalie was assigned a support worker to help develop her independence and provide support and advice ready for when her baby was born.

When her baby was born Natalie’s relationship with her boyfriend and his family spiralled out of control. She became depressed, tearful and was at a very low point in her life.

Impact encouraged Natalie to see her GP and she was referred for counselling. She was supported in accessing the relevant health services to gain information, advice and guidance on post natal depression.

Following this, Natalie made the decision to end her relationship with her boyfriend and ended all contact with him and his family.

Natalie, along with support and advice from Impact, gradually became more confident and able to go out alone with her daughter.

In 2010 Natalie’s daughter started attending a local Surestart centre following a referral from her support worker. Her support worker monitored Natalie and her child’s progress closely, communicating with the family health workers to prepare Natalie for her daughter’s transition into nursery.

By the end of 2010, her daughter had started nursery and Natalie had the time and confidence to start a college course in Nursing, Maths, English and Science.

She also started building healthy relationships with new friends from college. Natalie’s support worker helped her to focus her budgets and assisted her to save up for her own furniture ready for move on.

Working alongside her support worker Natalie applied to the local housing authority for accommodation in the area she wanted for her daughter to go to school.

Her support worker guided Natalie through the bidding process for suitable properties and provided support in understanding her benefit entitlements and how to apply for these.

Natalie is now living in a rented house, with a garden, near to her daughter’s school which she is managing independently and she is completing her 2nd year of Nursing.

With the help from her support worker Natalie became a more confident, assertive and well organised person more able to cope with her own tenancy. She is now building relationships with her father and siblings too.

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