January 2013 Impact Young Heroes Newsletter

Happy New Year and welcome to the first makeabigdifference Young Heroes newsletter of 2013!

I hope that you are recovered from the New Year festivities and that the recent snowfall has not caused you too much inconvenience and also that you have built a snow man or two?

January can sometimes be a ‘limbo’ month, with all the excitement of Christmas behind us and the promise of springtime ahead; yet the days seem somewhat longer but definitely not warmer!!!  However, this is the time of year when most people think about booking a holiday and this can give a much needed boost and something to look forward to.

In this month’s edition, we detail how you can have a new holiday experience and support Young Heroes at the same time; which is a bonus!

We also detail various ways to help raise funds and have fun doing it.  If you are really adventurous there is Trek Fest….a walk with a difference!

We also ‘check out’ some anti cancer claims regarding red wine and also a give you an opportunity to read about a few cancer myths; which teenagers and young adults in the UK are said to believe.

Until next month…wrap up, keep warm and enjoy the read.


New Year, New You!

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions on 1st January?  If your answer is yes; is it hard to stay focused and motivated with your new plan?  If this is you, why not put your new resolutions to good use and also get your family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you to stick to them and achieve your short and long term goals. The chances are that if you are receiving sponsorship support from friends and family, you are more likely to succeed in your New Year challenge and of course do something amazing for Impact Young Heroes.

Give It Up!
January is also a great time to give up any habits that you have wanted to kick for a while.   Is it smoking, drinking or just too many fatty or carbohydrate based foods?  It is always easier to tackle something like this, if you ask friends and family to sponsor you to give things up and you will also have an incentive to keep going.  If they are feeling particularly generous, they can give up as well and share your pain…..sorry, I mean your joy!!!  Young Heroes would also benefit from double the sponsorship.

2013 – Get fit!

Did you decide to lose weight, build muscle or just generally improve your fitness levels on January 1st 2013?   From what I hear, gym memberships are sometimes the result of many a New Year’s resolution; which are rarely used but it is always sounds good to say “I have a gym membership” . However, the reality is that even some of the most hardened gym users confess to ‘hating’ going but they recognise a need to keep on going; either for health, weight management or for their own mental well being and/or daily stress management.

You can do it!!!!!

Most of us will need some help to stick to our new year’s resolutions, to get fit and healthy and we will definitely need to set ourselves a challenge. Why not join that gym or enter yourself in a sponsored walk, run or cycle ride? Or be adventurous and do that skydive or bungee jump and you can also help to raise money for Young Heroes at the same time.

We can help with setting up JustGiving pages and also sponsorship forms, so if you require further information please contact me on 01142 43 18 50 or by e-mail sharon.brown@impactliving.org

Take a holiday this year and support Young Heroes!

Since New Year’s Day, I have been bombarded with e-mails and mail shots telling me of many good holiday opportunities for 2013.   There are so many holiday options to choose from and it doesn’t seem to matter what budget you have available, there is an answer for us all to take a holiday this year…..for a weekend, a week or maybe even two and the world really is our oyster.

The holiday companies also have a variety of ‘board’ options available to assist us in our ‘dream holiday’ quest.   However, it is always a risk on whether the hotel is good, or local amenities are easily accessible and our holiday experience is usually in the hands of the travel agent and holiday review sites (unless we trawl the internet ourselves).

If like me, you would prefer to go to a beautiful location and be able to ‘relax’ straight into your holiday and not spend days on trying to find the local shops, restaurants and bars; then I may have the perfect holiday for you….. in Playa Blanca, on the beautiful island of Lanzarote; which boasts of being a perfect year-round holiday destination?

Playa Blanca is situated on the most southerly tip of Lanzarote.  Over the last few years, Playa Blanca has changed significantly, from being a small fishing village to the second most popular resort on the island.   There are small but beautiful beaches and Playa Blanca town centre is a short walk from Marina Rubicon; which boasts of many shops, restaurants and bars.

The luxury 6 bed villa (pictured above) is situated in an ideal location where you can explore and find secluded beaches, or walk along the seafront promenade to Playa Blanca town centre.  If you would prefer a more leisurely day, you can simply sit in one of the many coffee houses or bar restaurants in the marina and watch the world go by and the sun go down.  Both the Marina and town are accessible from the villa via the seafront promenade and the walk is both pleasant and scenic.    If you prefer to sight see; you could hire a car and visit many amazing Lanzarote attractions, or there are a number of tour operators who offer daily excursions to the major tourist spots and here are just a few to whet your appetite:

Timanfaya National Park – a must see attraction (looks a little how I would picture Mars).  There are usually live demonstrations to show how hot the volcanoes are and at certain times in the day food is cooked over a very interesting oven!

El Golfo– is a semi-circular Volcanic Crater on a black beach.  Half of the crater has been eroded by the sea and forms an unusual green lagoon (caused by algae living in the water). The crater is surrounded by black sand and this separates the lagoon from the sea.    It is certainly a beach with a difference and is quite spectacular and definitely worth a trip.   There is also a village nearby of the same name, where you can sample freshly caught seafood.

Los Hervideros – a series of caves and blow holes which have been eroded into a former Lava flow.   As you walk around the winding cliff paths, you can watch the waves crash into the caves from natural viewpoints.  It is a spectacular sight!

Also, for the wine connoisseur there are a number of vineyards; where you will see a novel way to grow grapes in a hot/dry climate and for a fixed fee you can sample a range of their fine wines and possibly local cheeses (for a pleasant afternoon experience).  Lanzarote definitely has attractions; which are not only scenic but also educational and cultural and there is definitely something for everyone.

Now to the nitty gritty!!!

Over the years we have detailed in our newsletter; that many of our young heroes have enjoyed this little piece of paradise and also how much the respite break meant to them.  We have also had many Young Heroes supporters request to rent the villa, when it is not being used for respite breaks and they have now made it their regular holiday destination. This in turn supports the work of Young Heroes and is much appreciated.

If you are looking for a holiday this year; why not consider a villa rental in Lanzarote?  You may be pleasantly surprised and you may find your new ‘favourite’ holiday destination and also help to support the work of the charity.

For more information on the villa and it’s location, rental costs or best flight prices and transfer options; please e-mail me at sharon.brown@impactliving.org or call me on 01142 43 18 50 and I will be happy to help you to create your 2013 holiday experience.

Cancer Controversies – can red wine be good for you?

I think we have all heard at some point in our lives that some types of alcohol may be good for us.  It is also widely believed that drinking a small amount of alcohol every day can be quite good for the heart and some people also believe that red wine can protect them from cancer. Is this true, or is it just a myth?


Alcohol and heart disease

Apparently, drinking small amounts of alcohol can help protect against heart disease but this is not said to apply to younger people.

However, it is widely noted that drinking alcohol with the aim of improving your health is not likely to be successful, as there are so many other elements needed to develop and maintain good health and a healthy lifestyle.  It is however thought that heavy drinking can actually increase the risk of heart disease and other diseases, including cancer….so moderation is the clear message.

Red wine

Red wine is said to contain high levels of a chemical compound called resveratrol; which is said to be present in some vegetables, olive oil, and the skin of red grapes and is even more concentrated in red wine. This chemical compound has been reported to have some anti-cancer effects in laboratory cells. However, there are currently no proven records to evidence that drinking red wine can protect anyone from cancer and this is due mainly to the presence of other ingredients i.e chemicals and alcohol and their known effects on the human body.  The recurring theme on the internet and in media articles is that there is still more research needed to be undertaken; to evidence that red wine can have any anti cancer effects for human beings.

Wine in general

It is reported to be clear that all types of alcohol can increase the risk of cancer, including both red and white wines. The message is “everything in moderation” and that it is not a good idea to drink wine to prevent cancer.  There is no strong evidence that this would in fact work and we are reminded on a daily basis by the media; that frequent drinking (even if it is moderate) can easily turn into binge or heavy drinking (which is widely detailed as a potential cause of cancer).

Finally, there is some good news! Having a drink with a meal is noted to be better for you than drinking a measure of alcohol on its own….the recurring theme is that ‘moderation’ is the best policy.


5 Cancer Myths 1 (Large)

A few cancer myths

Here are a few some cancer myths believed by teenagers and young adults in the UK, answered…

We are all born with the cancer gene

False: Some people are born with genetic mutations but there needs to be a number of these within a cell before it becomes cancerous. Although a mutation at the start of your life can mean it is more likely statistically that a person will develop cancer during their lifetime which doctors call a ‘genetic predisposition’ at the same time it doesn’t always mean they will definitely be diagnosed with cancer.

You are never really cured of cancer

False: If you have been in remission for ten years then you are considered cured of cancer.

Eating red meat gives you cancer

False: Generally speaking red meat does not give you cancer, however eating high amounts of red or processed meat on a very regular basis can increase your risk. Bowel and stomach cancer are more common in people who eat lots of red and processed meat. Red meat includes all fresh, minced and frozen beef, pork, lamb or veal. Processed meats have been preserved in some way other than freezing and include bacon, ham, salami, sausages, spam, corned beef, black pudding, pâté and tinned meat. The way you cook meat may increase cancer risk. Certain chemicals are made when red and processed meats are cooked at high temperatures, such as on a barbeque. These chemicals can damage our cells, making them more likely to become cancerous.

If you don’t inhale when you smoke you won’t get cancer

False: Smoking is a major risk factor for lung cancer, but also increases the risk of mouth cancer, pharyngeal cancer and cancer of the larynx as smoke passes over these areas as it is breathed in. Smoking also increases the risk of cancer of the oesophagus and stomach cancer. The amount you smoke, the age you started and the longer you keep on smoking, are all factors in your risk of getting cancer.

Being fat gives you cancer

False: However cancer experts estimate that maintaining a healthy bodyweight, making changes to our diet and taking regular physical activity could prevent about one in three deaths from cancer in the UK. In the western world, many of us eat too much red and processed meat and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables. This type of diet is known to increase the risk of cancer. Drinking alcohol can also increase the risk of developing some types of cancer. Overweight or obese people have an increased risk of bowel cancer and pancreatic cancer and this could be because they tend to have higher insulin levels.

From TCT website

Fundraising idea of the month – Swishing party

Are your wardrobes, drawers and under bed storage boxes full of clothes, belts and shoes you never wear, or handbags and purses you never use? Or have you made any ‘mistake’ purchases recently?  Are you a bit of a ‘magpie’ when it comes to accessories and do you have so many necklaces, bracelets or watches; that you could wear a different piece every day for a month and still not wear them all?    Do you have an everlasting supply of Christmas toiletries, bubble baths and soaps that you will never use, or are allergic to?   Or, are you just in need a new look but your ‘hubby’ or bank manager just does not understand this necessity of life?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes; then I have the perfect solution for you….Swish!  Yes, you heard me…swish!

It’s the new craze in these recessionary times but it also means that you can have an early spring time ‘clear’ out and obtain a whole new spring wardrobe, at very little cost and also have a really great time with your girly friends at the same time.

How can I organise a ‘swishing’ party and help Young Heroes?

  1. Choose a date and venue, ideally a house or church/community hall where one of the rooms can be used as a changing room with large mirrors
  2. Borrow some clothes rails and small tables and collect carrier bags.
  3. Invite all your friends to buy an entry ticket for, say, £10.   For this, they will receive a drink/nibbles (wine and cheese’ or a cup of tea and a cup cake) and also a ticket number which will allow them to sell their unwanted, good-quality clothes and accessories. You may want to set a limit of 12 clothing items per person, depending on the size of your venue.
  4. Ticket holders pre-label all their items with their ticket number, size and description of the item and suggested price. Turning up on the night with un-labelled clothes to sell can cause chaos but this is not insurmountable! The host acts as the cash register, taking money and keeping the labels from the sold items.
  5. After the event, sellers get 50% of the proceeds from the items they have sold and 50% is retained for Young Heroes. It is also easy to work out accurately, as the organiser has all of the labels.

Happy swishing!!!

Welcome to TrekFest 2013

Are you ready for the walk of your life?

TrekFest is here for 2013 and this year Global Challenges are going bigger and better! Due to the huge success of their last event in 2012, they have spruced themselves up a bit with a snazzy new brand and they are extremely pleased to announce their new 2nd location for 2013 – The Peak District.

TrekFest is more than an endurance challenge…it’s an adventure; it’s a journey, its life-changing.

54 miles in 24 hours
27 miles in 12 hours

Choose your distance, choose Impact Young Heroes as your charity!

TrekFest invites you to tackle some of the best walking trails the UK has to offer – the challenge being for everyone to complete the route within the allotted time frame. The TrekFest routes are as breathtaking, as they are challenging.

TrekFest 2013 promises to be emotional, fun and life-changing. And what’s more, you can support a charity of your own choice and we will be promoting these events via the newsletter and Facebook.  Whatever your reasons for taking on this challenge, whatever you motives, TrekFest will deliver and provide you with one of those of moments in life where anything is possible…if you put your mind to it.

For further information or to apply: call 0800 0461 297 or e-mail info@trekfest.org.uk

www.trekfest.org.uk Tel: 0800 0461 297

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Thank you to Yvonne Hewitt for raising £100 for Young Heroes

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