Katie’s Corner June 2011

Recently our friend Carolyn donated nearly 200 cards and cross stitch items for us to sell to raise money for Impact Young Heroes.

My sister had told us about a table top sale they were holding at my Nephews school, and luckily we managed to get a last minute table, we never do things by halves though so me and my Mum aimed to get the 50 cross stitch motifs (which were left from our cross stitch holiday, see March newsletter for more details) mounted, inserts made and the Impact stickers on the back.


I also had the job of taking the donated cards out of the wallets, removing a previous price list, replacing any stickers with Impact stickers and then putting them back in their wallets. We worked hard and managed to get them finished, just!

We made a total of £37.00 at the table top sale.

On the weekend that I attended the Rotary conference on behalf of Impact Young Heroes I was asked if I could do another table top sale, unfortunately as I was at the conference I couldn’t do it and my Mum had a prior engagement. Luckily I had two friends willing to help out! 🙂

Thanks to Liz and Tracey for giving their time to do the table top sale, they made a total of £14.00.

If you are interested in purchasing any cards, all the money goes to Impact Young Heroes, please email me katiebrooman@hotmail.com. Or if you are local to me (because of postage costs) please let me know if you are able to sell any cards to friends, work colleagues etc, thank you.

See you next month at Katie’s Corner.


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