June 2011 Newsletter

In this months newsletter we share details of a fantastic new service that will allow people to donate money to Young Heroes by simply sending a text message.  This unique service launched by phone giant Vodafone and Just Giving.  The service allows people, on any phone network, to donate up to £10 to their chosen charity by using a unique code.

Help keep your body in cancer-fighting shape by reading our brand new monthly article where we take a look at the important role of nutrition; not only in everyday life but during cancer treatment and prevention.  Each month we will identify different ‘superfoods’ packed with antioxidants, nutrients and phytochemicals that destroy cancer.

Also in this months newsletter we have some great summer offers brought to you by JustGiving, Katie’s Corner, our fundraising idea of the month and we say thanks to the extremely generous people who have been fundraising for our charity.

Until next month, enjoy!

Kim Doran

Beating cancer with nutrition

Nutrition is an important part in beating cancer. Wrong foods place an enormous amount of stress on the body’s cells, causing normal body cells to become acidic, high in sugar, and cancerous during the dividing process.  Therefore over the next few months we will take a look at different superfoods that may help prevent or assist in the process of fighting cancer.

Beetroot – The latest superfood

The humble beetroot has emerged from the pickle jar to becoming the new superfood of the 21st century.

According to health experts, this purple red bulb is virtually fat-free, rich in iron, copper and packed with vitamins and nutrients that can bring immeasurable good to human health.

One major component of beets which brings several health benefits is betacyanin, a naturally-occurring pigment that makes its roots and stems reddish-purple in color.

Aside from making beets attractive and colorful, this pigment is also an anti-cancer agent.

The positive effects of ingesting beets were exhibited by patients with stomach cancer.  Scientists discovered that beet juice can effectively inhibit cell mutations caused by nitrosamines, a cancer-causing compound produced in the stomach that is commonly used in processed meats as a preservative.

Beets are rich in antioxidants, which help fight all sorts of cancers. What makes beets unique in this capacity, is the type of antioxidants it contains. The unique and highly varied phytochemicals provide the body with hard to come by antioxidants that may increase eye health, as well as nerve tissue health.

Studies have shown that the high levels of antioxidant and anti-inflammitory agents found in beets contribute to a reduction in the risk of all sorts of cancers. A study published in The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2005) studied the effects of beet nutrients (such as betanin) on human tumor cells, and while preliminary, it supports beet’s anti-cancer properties. High levels of beet fiber – which are unique to other forms of fiber – may also be linked to reducing the risk of colon cancer.

Mobile phones ‘possibly carcinogenic’ say World Health Organisation experts

Mobile phones may increase the risk of developing brain cancer, an influential health organisation has said admitted for the first time.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organisation, has classified the radiation emitted by handsets as “possibly carcinogenic” although it did not find evidence of a clear link.

Its decision – putting mobiles in the same risk category as lead, the pesticide DDT and petrol exhausts – will put governments under pressure to update their advice to the public on the potential dangers of talking on mobiles for long periods of time.

Christopher Wild, the director of IARC, said that while more research is carried out “it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands-free devices or texting”.

It has long been known that the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones are absorbed by the body, much of it by the head when the handset is held to the ear.

But research into the possible health consequences of frequent mobile use has proved inconclusive because the technology has only been widely used for a few years while it can take decades for tumours to develop.

Sourced from: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health

Young Heroes Thank You’s

Yvonne Hewitt & Julie Fox

Young Heroes would like to thank Yvonne Hewitt and her mother in law Julie Fox for their extremely kind donation of £100.00.

The money was raised through a raffle held at Julie’s hair salon in Barnsley.  Prizes up for grabs were a mouthwatering Thornton’s chocolate egg and a bottle of liquor.

Well done and thank you so much for your continued support.

A Large thank you to the Lions Club who came to our rescue!!

The Lions Club in Romiley Marple and District were approached to help with the insurance of a Young Hero who needed a short break before further surgery to deal with his cancer. It was a great surprise when we were told that a cheque to cover the £148 premium plus £52 for the ongoing work of our charity was in the post.  The Lions meet the needs of local communities and the world and currently have over 1.35 million members in 206 different countries and geographic areas.

Our Young Hero’s family had already put up £1000 to cover the excess, but thankfully it wasn’t needed and Chris and his partner Sarah had and enjoyable week in Lanzarote. However, the support for this young couple didn’t end there. Through the branch of the Mothers’ Union in Lanzarote transport to and from the airport was provided free of charge.

In a time when we all know that money is tight, there are still people who care about other people and especially our Young Heroes.

Wedding of Lucy and Ben (by Young Heroes volunteer Robert Law)

It was a great privilege to marry Lucy and Ben in Welburn Church in North Yorkshire on Saturday 11th June. Because they had already established their home they felt that they didn’t need any extra wedding gifts so they ask us if we would be happy to share their wedding day with them and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Besides the fund raising it was a golden opportunity to get our message across to young people similar in age to those whom we support, and we certainly were able to do that!

Lucy then phoned after the weekend to say that the guests had “posted” donation to Impact Young Heroes” amounting to the sum of £500 with one person writing a cheque for £100. Bless you all for your generosity especially Lucy and Ben whose idea it was to support us. THANK YOU.

Huby Amateur Dramatic Society.

Every year the society which is based in Huby just north of York stage a pantomime put on by local people which is a huge success. The hard work of rehearsals and costume making is second to none and through this they support local charities of which Young Heroes is one. It was a great surprise to meet the treasurer of the society on other business who said, “I have a cheque for you,” and wrote out a cheque for £150.

Within a few weeks nearly a thousand pounds has been given to the charity to help bring some comfort and support to the Young Heroes who are often forgotten because larger top brand charity like our name sake for example, have the power to raise millions for those who bravely defend our country miles away from home. Thank you  to all at Huby  Amateur Dramatic Society we very much appreciate your generosity for helping us to restore the faith and smile of another Young Hero and their careers.

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Latest Cancer News

CANCER RESEARCH UK scientists have shed light on how a common class of painkillers – which includes ibuprofen – may interact with a key protein that fuels the growth of many different types of cancer, according to a study published in the journal Chemical Communications.

Ibuprofen is one of several profens – a particular group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) – being investigated for their ability to prevent cancer.

The University of Bath research team* carried out an analysis of drugs in the same class as ibuprofen and discovered that they are all processed by the body in exactly the same way – through a protein called AMACR, which converts the drug into its active form.

AMACR is overactive in almost all prostate cancers, some bowel cancers and several other types of cancer and is thought to fuel the growth of the disease by boosting the cell’s energy supply.

So understanding how drugs like ibuprofen might alter AMACR activity could help scientists better understand how they are able to block cancer growth.

Lead author Dr Matthew Lloyd, said: “Our study is the first to test other drugs in the same family as ibuprofen systematically and show that they‘re all processed by the same protein in the body. Some early laboratory studies have suggested that high doses of ibuprofen can halt the growth of prostate cancer cells, but the reasons for this aren’t well understood.

“Understanding more about how this protein is acting in cells and what molecules it interacts with could provide important clues to how this process works, hopefully opening up new avenues of research for treating prostate cancer in the future.”

Dr Julie Sharp, senior science information manager at Cancer Research UK, said: “This research is part of an international effort to understand how drugs like ibuprofen could prevent, or slow down, the development of cancer. But there are risks as well as benefits and long term use of these drugs can have side effects, such as bleeding and stomach ulcers. Understanding more about how these drugs work on a molecular level is a crucial step in being able to develop better targeted drugs with fewer side effects in future.”

Sourced from www.cancerresearchuk.org


Young Heroes would like to send our sincere condolences to Jen Bayley and all the friends and family of Kevin Grimshaw who passed away in Germany on 20th May 2011.

Brave Kevin, 25, was taking part in an experimental cancer-curing drugs trial when he died and was one of only a handful of people receiving treatment at a world-leading cancer clinic in Germany.

Kevin had been fighting acute lymphobaliastic leukaemia since 2007.

Rest in Peace.

New Text Donation Service Launched

A new initiative has been launched by Vodafone, which allows registered charities the opportunity to take full advantage of TextGiving.  For the first time ever, charities and individuals can raise money using text messages with a service that is free to set up and run, with every penny donated going to charity.

Young Heroes is now using this donation facility

How it works

1)write one of the following text codes into the main body of your text

MABD01 £1 (use this code will donate £1 to Young Heroes)

MABD01 £2 (use this code will donate £2 to Young Heroes)

MABD01 £3 (use this code will donate £3 to Young Heroes)

MABD01 £4 (use this code will donate £4 to Young Heroes)

MABD01 £5 (use this code will donate £4 to Young Heroes)

MABD01 £10 (use this code to donate £10 to Young Heroes)

Our charity’s code and the amount you wish to donate.

2) Send a text to 70070
Include your charity’s code and an amount (for example CHAR17 £10)

3) You’ll receive a text with a link
to a Gift Aid form.
If you’re a UK tax payer, your charity benefits from a 25% boost to your donation

Why use TextGiving?

1)  The charity gets every penny

This is a free service so no admin fees are taken

2) It’s free to take part

All text messages are free on all networks (except for the cost of the donation sent)

3) Easy and quick

Simply send a text and give up to £10 using your Impact Young Heroes unique six-digit code.

Please support us By using our text donation service.

Fundraising idea of the month

Summertime plant sale

Plant sale is really easy to organise and a great excuse for keen gardeners to get together and fundraise money for Young Heroes.


  • Planning and advertising

You need to plan and advertise your event well in advance. This will allow everyone time to sow extra seeds, take cuttings, pot stuff on and anything else necessary to have some spare plants for the sale.

Timing depends on many factors – not least where you live in the world. Late spring / early summer is generally best.

  • Choosing a venue

Your sale can take place in a hall or social club. They are always much nicer, however, out of doors. Perhaps you can use a school playing field or village green.

Another idea is to use someone’s garden or allotment. Sometimes it is possible to combine allowing visitors to look around a particularly fabulous garden (for a small charge) with your sale.

  • Would you be better off with a stall at someone else’s event?

If you can’t arrange an entire sale why not piggyback on something else such as a village fete. Another option might be collecting plant donations for a stall at a market or car boot sale.

  • Selling the plants

This can be organized in various ways. You may wish to simply have everything laid out together.

Or you might allow everyone to be responsible for selling what they have brought along on their own little stall.

Although we want to fundraise as much as possible be realistic about your pricing – keep it fun and friendly. Picking up a bargain tray of bedding plants grown by that green-fingered lady at the end of your road is what it’s all about.

  • Maybe a plant swap fundraiser is a better idea

If you do things this way you simply charge an entrance fee and then allow people to make their own deals. Similarly seed swaps are popular.

  • Invite an expert

Is there a local expert you could invite along. A 15 minute talk or demo on a garden topic can only add to the day. Local garden maintenance companies or garden designers may be willing to come along in exchange for the opportunity to promote their services.

  • Something for the kids

Well it can get a bit dull. What with all the grown ups just hanging around talking begonias! How about a garden on a paper plate competition. Kids build a little toy garden in advance and bring it along for judging. Common features are moss for grass, sticks for trees, grit for paths, handbag mirrors for ponds etc

  • Don’t forget the refreshments

Gardeners are a friendly lot and your sale should be a real opportunity to socialise. Offering home-made refreshments helps add to the fun and boosts the coffers further. A cream tea in a beautiful garden chatting to your friends – what could be better?

All in all a plant sale is a great way to fundraise. It brings in the cash but also can be one of those lovely community events which sends everyone home happy.


Katies Corner

Recently our friend Carolyn donated nearly 200 cards and cross stitch items for us to sell to raise money for Impact Young Heroes.

My sister had told us about a table top sale they were holding at my Nephews school, and luckily we managed to get a last minute table, we never do things by halves though so me and my Mum aimed to get the 50 cross stitch motifs (which were left from our cross stitch holiday, see March newsletter for more details) mounted, inserts made and the Impact stickers on the back.

I also had the job of taking the donated cards out of the wallets, removing a previous price list, replacing any stickers with Impact stickers and then putting them back in their wallets. We worked hard and managed to get them finished, just!

We made a total of £37.00 at the table top sale.

On the weekend that I attended the Rotary conference on behalf of Impact Young Heroes I was asked if I could do another table top sale, unfortunately as I was at the conference I couldn’t do it and my Mum had a prior engagement. Luckily I had two friends willing to help out! 🙂

Thanks to Liz and Tracey for giving their time to do the table top sale, they made a total of £14.00.

If you are interested in purchasing any cards, all the money goes to Impact Young Heroes, please email me katiebrooman@hotmail.com. Or if you are local to me (because of postage costs) please let me know if you are able to sell any cards to friends, work colleagues etc, thank you.

See you next month at Katie’s Corner.


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