Fundraising Idea: Pub amenities evening

Most pubs have items in them that can be used to generate funds. One of the most common events is to hold a pool tournament if you have pool tables available.

Get every contestant to pay an entry fee and have a small trophy at the end for the winner and runner up. This way, you do not have to spend a huge amount on prizes, but can get a large number of people involved.

You can even take small bets on who will win the tournament and tally up all the money at the end of the evening.

If you have a very generous landlord, they may even donate a portion of their takings for the evening to Young Heroes.

Another great way of utilising the amenities at hand in your local pub is to set up a dart competition.

Again, get as many people as possible involved and even try some fun alternative ways of playing. Play in teams, men against women, or play blindfolded for a real twist. Offer prizes and charge for entry so you’re covering any advertising costs.

If team competitions aren’t really your thing, why not hold a karaoke event to raise money. Again, offer prizes for the winners, but charge an entry fee to the event for those who want to be part of the audience.

A karaoke is a great chance at selling extra money-making products such as raffle tickets or lucky dips.

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