Katie’s Corner March 2010

Most people (including me before chemotherapy) assume chemotherapy means losing your hair and feeling sick, how totally wrong could I be!

Not only did I lose my hair, feel sick and put on about 5 stone I also encountered symptoms that a 22 year old would have nightmares about;

My mum preparing to shave my head before chemo

My symptoms from Chemo

If you thought piles only came from sitting on cold walls or damp grass, you were wrong.

Think of the biggest snow flake you have seen and imagine it’s the skin falling off the bottom of your feet.  (Ouch)

Being as bloated as the Michelin man!

Having to revert back to a baby’s toothbrush and toothpaste.  (Oral thrush)

Pregnancy cravings have nothing on me, I ate flamin’ hot monster munch by the bucket load!

One minute I needed Movicol the next I needed Imodium.

The feeling of nausea was worse for me than actually being sick.

I could sleep for 24 hours, and still need more!

My finger and toe nails looked like they belonged to Shrek.  (Nail infections)

Ulcers do not occur just in the mouth, other places are unmentionable.

These are the side effects that happened to me and might not necessarily happen to everyone.  During this period it was very difficult to cope with these effects, but the treatment worked and two years down the line, I’m in remission!

See you next month at Katie’s Corner!

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