Impact Living Case Study: Carly

Carley, a young single mum was in need of her own space and somewhere safe to live with her little boy, Impact provided Carley and her son a secure environment and support in learning life skills needed to live independently…

Carly is 19 years old and is mother to Nathan. She grew up in her family home with her mum, dad and two sisters. She remembers her childhood years as being happy (and says that she was a daddy’s girl).There were the normal sisterly fall outs but they never lasted long and were never too serious. Carly say that in the last year of school she was picked on by a few boys but coped with it until she finished her schooling.

She moved out of home as she needed her independence but acknowledges that she needed support. She had heard about Impact from one of her friends at college and decided to apply for a flat. She has now been living in Impact accommodation for approximately five months and says that the all of the staff are very helpful and are there when she needs support.

She says that Impact is her support to living independently and that she can now see a way to live her own life. She says that she is confident that her house is clean and tidy and that her son is well cared for. She says with a smile that he is her priority.

Her advice to young people is “It is important to have people around who care for you and really support you. She says that if you don’t ask for help it’s possible that you won’t get it”. Carly would like to volunteer for Impact and is keen to be involved with the tenants’ forum

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